Rōmaji Shirome
Full name
◄ Information ►
Status Active
Faction None
User Zangetsu
Abilities using a tons of million slash to cutting apart
Trump Card
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Shirome, also known as Shirome of the Howling Zangetsu, is one of the lone wolf and one of the main protagonists. She is not part of a Night Raid, Jaeger, nor Path of Peace member who works as a assassin of herself. Shirome is unusually in charge of sleeping when jobs finished. However, she is Akame/Kurome's alternate incarnation, albeit with new Teigu such as Zangetsu.


  • Shirome means white eyes in Japanese, as oppose to "Red" and "Black" eyes.
  • Her moveset is similar to Dante's Agni and Rudra technique, Raiden's Zandatsu skills, Vergil's Yamato technique and Julie Sigtuna's abilities.

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