What is more terrifying than a monster who can hide under the guise of a friendly face? To make you feel secure and comfortable with no worries? They are hiding the beast underneath the mask, ready to strike, to hunt and eventually... devour you. That is a Lycanthrope.

—Prime Minister Honest's speech about the lycanthropes.

Lycanthropes ( 狼人間 ), also known as Werewolves, are wolf-like humanoids known for their speed and ability to shapeshift between their human and beast form. They are believed to be rare, or even non-existent due to their natural ability to hide and disguise themselves as humans, and perfectly fit into human society without being noticed.

Their status as Danger Beasts is debatable, as they can also change into humans.

Overview Edit

Lycanthropes were thought to appear around the same time as Danger Beasts, being a mysterious and unique race capable of transforming from man to beast. This trait sparked immense hysteria in multiple areas over the perceived threat posed by the werewolves, which was called the "Wolf Scare". Eventually, when the Emperor came to power under Prime Minister Honest's influence, a mass production of silver and a mass extermination was ordered to purge the populace of lycanthropes, resulting in the majority of the species either wiped out or forced into hiding, along with the executions of innocent humans suspected to be lycanthropes. Most of the beasts who have been caught in their true forms have been chased out of their homes and lands and have resorted to stealing and even killing to survive. If they were captured, they were often placed into concentration camps, where they were starved and tortured until they finally died.

Lycanthropes themselves came close to declaring war on the human race, but ultimately decided otherwise and separated themselves from humanity. Eventually developing distrustful tendencies of all other races, they became aggressive, and spitefully attacked any outsiders who intruded in their territory. They were known to rip apart Danger Beasts and leave their gutted bodies behind as a warning to anyone who dared come close.

Currently, tensions have eased and some lycanthropes have went back to blending in with humans, since such a lifestyle was somewhat easier and the Wolf Scare had passed. Still, there are few who know about the lycanthropes, one side claiming they are Danger Beasts in disguise and in need to be exterminated, and on the other proposing that they are a race much like humanity yearning for recognition and equality, though this side is very limited.

Appearance Edit

Human Edit

Noblesse s werewolf by tehfrostyheart-d74ruez

An example of a lycanthrope in Incomplete Form.

On one hand, werewolves can appear just like a regular person. They cannot appear as humans they create, but ones they are born as, and have their own unique face, just like any other human. The only telltale sign of their true nature are their eyes, which possess a retroreflective quality that allows light to reflect off of their eyes, much like most animals.

Incomplete Form Edit

In their incomplete form, which can be summoned at will, they appear much like their human forms, but have more hair throughout their bodies, with the addition of their eyes taking more of a wolf-like quality in terms of color, and they grow fangs and claws. Pointed ears are a distinct quality as well.

They retain most of their intelligence and self-awareness in this state, but develop a more easily angered and restless demeanor. Recently-transformed lycanthropes can learn to control this.

Complete Form Edit

In their true form, which can only be activated from the full moon's light, werewolves appear taller than an average person, with a human-like muscular build. Coarse hair covers their bodies, which is usually dark to help them natural blend in to the dark. Sharper and more curved claws armed in their fingertips, and more fearsome fangs and canines packed into giant jaws. They mostly have the heads of wolves, though slightly reformed to have a slight, barely visible mirror to their human face. A thicker mane, which mirrors their human form's hair, is located on the tops of their heads and around their necks. 

Though they lose control in this form and become more savage and unpredictable, there is some proof that the complete-formed lycanthrope retains enough knowledge to assist its killing; recognition of victims, evasion of traps, and human cunning. 

Powers and Abilities Edit

Lycanthropes are known for being incredibly powerful creatures, reaching the tiers of the Special Class Danger Beasts, and even further during full moons. Though they are naturally incompatible with Teigu and therefore unable to wield such weapons, they are still able to keep up with Teigu users.

The Captain-Wolf Hybrid Form

A lycanthrope mid-transformation.

Shapeshifting: Lycanthropes can shapeshift between man and beast form any time they'd like. Experienced individuals compare transforming to "breathing". However, even they are forced to transform into their bestial state during the full moon, feeling the pull of moonlight like no other beast.

Full Moon Power: Their signature ability, lycanthropes can reach the absolute peak of their strength during a Full Moon. While the exact reason is unknown, the full moon's lunar lights grants even the weakest lycanthropes unimaginable and almost-unbeatable power for one night. On top of mountain-breaking strength and lightning-speed, a lycanthrope under the full moon attacks with reckless abandon and unparalleled ferocity. However, in exchange for this power, they are forced to transform into their complete forms, and lose most control, turning into ravenous creatures with the urge to hunt.

Bestial Strength: Even in human form, lycanthropes naturally boast inhuman strength, even if their human bodies don't appear muscular or well built, being able to punch through fortress cells with minimal effort. In wolf form, their strength bursts many times fold, in a completely different realm from their human strength. While in a rage, the adrenaline output in the lycanthrope's primal anatomy causes its strength and power to temporarily but drastically increase to fear-inducing levels.

Wolfish Stamina: A characteristic of regular wolves as well, lycanthropes are absolutely relentless, and it takes a very, very long time for them to physically tire out. They can keep moving, hunting, and fighting at optimal efficiency under almost any circumstance. This has allowed them to track prey without rest and also gives them the advantage of being mostly fine while exhaustion begins to overtake their prey.

Tumblr static at6d5m91q7swgoskwko880ccg

A lycanthrope in Complete Form, influenced by the full moon.

Enhanced Speed: Lycanthropes are also known for their speed and reaction time. This ability is tremendously powerful at its peak, easily enabling a lycanthrope to strike with effectively invisible speed, landing a withering barrage of blows upon an opponent practically instantaneously. This ability also translates into a lycanthrope inflicting incredible damage, for the tremendous speed combined with its hardened, fearsome physique generates formidable kinetic impact.

Immense Durability: Werewolves are extremely tough and can shake off attacks from Teigu users. It is said normal weaponry cannot pierce through their skin.

Regeneration: Lycanthropes are very difficult to kill, unless one is prepared for the worst. They are capable of healing from the most grievous of wounds and even lost hearts and broken bones in mere seconds, and act as if nothing happened. It is hinted their healing is temporarily improved by eating animals and even chunks out of opponents in extreme times. Their healing also takes part in their inner body functions, as they cannot get intoxicated from alcohol or get easily sick.

Animalistic Senses: Their senses of sight, hearing, and smell are incredibly sharp. They can see in the dark with no trouble, can easily hear the heartbeat of their prey meters away, and can smell the scent of targets miles away. They even have a minor sixth sense, as they can sense danger incoming, but cannot exactly pinpoint which direction without other senses.

Infectious Bite: While in beast form, lycanthropes can turn humans into other lycanthropes through a bite, or so much the saliva reaching the human bloodstream. However, there is a 50% chance the human will die from the bite alone.

Weaknesses Edit

Silver: A rare metal considered purely meant for killing lycanthropes, silver can severely harm and even kill a lycanthrope should it reach any vital organs. Not only is it the only material that can create lasting damage to a lycanthrope, but it also acts as a counter against the beast's fast healing, slowing it down to almost completely stopping it.

Wolfsbane: Lycanthropes can get sick from being exposed to the poisonous plant through ingestion or scent. In extreme cases, it can cause hallucinations or physically weaken them, no matter what form.

Heightened Senses Disadvantage: While impressive, since every sense of a lycanthrope is amplified many times over a human's, and that can be exploited. For example, piercing, loud sounds can cause a lycanthrope to double over in pain and cover its ears in attempts to dampen the noise, and flash grenades can temporarily blind and stun a lycanthrope worse than the effect on a human.

Price of Full Moon's Power: In exchange for a power boost, they are forced to uncontrollably go into a berserker state, causing harm to every living being around and losing recognition of human allies, making the full moon-triggered lycanthropes to attack.

Trivia Edit

  • Inspired by the creature of same name from Western folklore and legend.
  • While not exactly Danger Beasts, lycanthropes are not entirely human either, which puts them in a class of their own.
  • The Wolf Scare was inspired by the real-world fear of communist takeover in the 20th Century, called the "Red Scare".
  • Lycanthropes, like actual wolves, are primarily carnivorous.