Goguhle is a  mixture of Wild Boar, Wolf, Crocodile and Grizzly Bear-like Danger Beast species.


Goguhle is the mix Wild Boar, Wolf, Crocodile and Grizzly Bear-like  Danger Beast. They are a Crocodile Face with tusk, Wolf-like Body with Grizzly Bear Claw and Boars hind legs. They live in the forests. They are very aggressive creatures and  attack in herd.  They Eyes glowing red in the Evening. They have the Queen Goguhle (Called Mother Goguhle), Mother Goguhle is much bigger than the normal Goguhles. Mother Goguhle are known to a poison to spit, if someone in touch the Spit, then falls this person a long time in Coma. Therefore should keep away from the Mother Goguhle. 

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